Looking for a landscape refresh? MOORE'S Lawn Care & Mowing can design, select, deliver, and plant new trees and shrubs that will make your landscape look fresh, healthy, and vibrant.
Your new tree is a lifetime investment and will add value to your property - but only if it's planted correctly.
Choosing just the right plants and trees for your landscape is an important, but daunting task for most folks.  Utilizing a landscaper like MOORE'S in your design and installation process will eliminate the second guessing and produce amazing results.
If you're looking for great trees that do well here in the Marietta Georgia area, we have some excellent options for spring-flowering trees, as well as trees with wonderful fall color.
We often get asked to remove a dead or diseased tree and replace it with a new one in the same spot. While we understand the desire to do this, it’s not usually something we recommend, especially if the existing tree died because of issues in the surrounding environment. Decaying roots and woody material from the dead tree will deplete nitrogen in the soil, which can affect growth of the new tree.
When To Plant
We plant trees in spring and fall when conditions are more favorable for the trees to get started (we don’t generally plant during the summer). We wait for the soil to dry out a bit in spring (it can’t be too wet) and stop planting before the ground freezes in fall.
If we’re planting smaller trees or shrubs that come in a container or are wrapped in burlap, then we can start planting when they become available at the nursery in spring (provided the soil is dry enough).
Tree Planting, Shrubs, Hedges, and Transplanting a Tree or Shrub
Landscape installation services include:

Tree Planting
Planting Shrubs
Planting Hedges
Transplanting a Tree or Shrub
For larger trees that need to be dug out of the ground before being transported to your property, timing will depend on when the tree nurseries determine is the best time for each particular tree.
When planting trees and shrubs, we factor in not only how they enhance your landscape right now, but how their height, diameter, and silhouette will contribute to the overall beauty of your landscape in 10 to 20 years’ time. Our landscapes are designed to last a lifetime.
We ensure that the trees you choose are most likely to thrive. The trees we plant come from local area wholesale nurseries in Georgia where we can get the highest quality trees. We plant according to industry standards, many of which are not commonly known or followed by homeowners or general yard landscapers.
Once you have made a selection we will then order one or more trees or shrubs for you from one of several local area wholesale nurseries in Georgia where our team can select the best trees. Sorry, but we do not plant trees or shrubs that you or someone else has purchased.
Before planting, we will work with the local utilities company to mark all utilities in the planting area.
The property owner is responsible for marking private lines, such as electric for landscape lighting or irrigation lines.
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