Extra Outdoor Living Space
Pergolas are great shade solutions for areas that get hit with direct sunlight. They are generally characterized by the supporting columns or posts alongside paths, walkways, or recreation areas, with rafters spanning overhead that allow sunlight to filter through while maintaining an unobstructed overhead view.

Pergolas can be freestanding or can serve as a shade structure attached to the house. They can also be used as a transition from one section of outdoor living to another. Smaller gazebos and pergolas are often used along paths to add drama to the landscaping.
Gazebos are similar but offer more protection from the elements. They are traditionally round or octagon and have a closed roof and paver floor.
As a complete outdoor living landscape company located right here in the Marietta Ga & East Cobb area, we not only offer complete designs. We have a highly experienced crew that specializes in wooden structure construction.
Design & Construction
Custom Pergolas
Custom Gazebos
Creating beautiful and functional structures
Creating beautiful and functional structures
We enjoy creating beautiful and functional structures that we consider art. They are custom built from the ground up, so we can customize all the components to fit the architectural look and function that is desired. We've designed a wide range of arbors, pergolas, and gazebos, from small, free-standing gazebos, to giant pergolas with stone or brick pillars that serve to shade massive areas. These are infinitely useful for outdoor kitchen areas, pool areas, and outdoor dining areas.
The decision to expand your living space to the outdoors is an investment that will not only increase the value of your Georgia home, but will provide a haven for relaxation, leisure, and entertainment.
From simple plantings to entire landscape design services, we are a complete landscape service company that accommodates projects of any size. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your current landscaping or totally renovate your yard, MOORE'S can handle all your landscape needs.
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