Hardscape Contractor for Paving Stone
Paving Stone Retaining Wall
Building a paving stone retaining wall enhances curb appeal as well as providing interesting planting and visual options to your home’s exterior.
One of the best ways to manipulate the soil around your property is to install a sturdy retaining wall. A good retaining wall should hold a slope in place while adding to your property’s aesthetic.
Paver Stone Patio
Patio pavers are a popular choice in patio design because of their strength, durability and the require low maintenance.  Whether you have limited space or a large outdoor area, we will create a functional and enjoyable outdoor living space.
Stone Seat Walls
Add sophistication and elegance to your landscape by integrating a seat wall into your back yard space. Seat walls are a great way to finish off an existing patio, and they make the perfect addition to fire pits.
Call us today to talk about installing a seat wall!
Paver Stone Walkways
Paving stone walkways are more than just a way to get where you are going; they add landscape appeal to your Georgia home.
Paver Stone Fire Pits
What better way is there to enjoy the evening with family and friends than sitting around a Paving Stone Fire Pit.

MOORE'S can install a stone fire pit in your yard as an extension of your current patio or you can tie it in with a walkway, patio or poolside addition.
Paver Stone Driveway
The addition of a paving stone driveway dramatically enhances the appearance of any home. Traditional asphalt, concrete or gravel driveways pale in comparison to the beauty of stone paver driveways. In addition to their beauty, there are many benefits to installing stone pavers that make them the best value.

Pavers won’t crack like concrete, asphalt or stamped concrete and need no maintenance unlike others materials used for driveways. Paver stones are four times stronger than concrete and won’t fade.
Retaining Wall Installation
Seating Wall and Fire Pit
Paver Stone Driveway
Plus we can install Paver Patios, Walkways, and Concrete Pavers that can create a stunning array of “outdoor rooms” and patios can extend your functional living space into your backyard.
Contact MOORE'S today for professionally designed and installed stones in Marietta, East Cobb, Windrush, Sandy Plains, Sandy Springs and surrounding areas in Georgia.
It doesn’t matter if you want something practical or over-the-top, we can do it. Our stone features are always custom created for our clients, leaving you certain no one has the same stone design feature in their lawn. Common Stone Features We Install;
➠ Stone Patios
➠ Stone Seat Walls
➠ Stone & Brick Steps
➠ Paver Stone Driveways
➠ Stone Pavers
➠ Stone Benches
➠ Boulders
➠ Retaining walls
➠ Stone Fire Pits
➠ Outdoor Kitchens
➠ Outdoor Bars
➠ Water-Fall Features
➠ Pool Stone Decks
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