MOORE'S Lawn Care & Mowing offers complete lawn care and landscape services. Our services include mowing grass, air sweeping leaves, Sod Installation, shrub and perennials care, pruning, Irrigation installation, retaining walls, yard maintenance, season flower displays and many other yard care services.
Landscape Residential Services
Residential Lawn Care Maintenance
Our company has earned the reputation as a quality and reliable local lawn care and landscape contractor in Marietta Georgia.
Did you know we also do Commercial Lawn Care 
Irrigation System Maintenance
Although irrigation water systems are mostly “automatic”, they still require periodic inspections and adjustments throughout the season and year.

Call us for your underground irrigation maintenance needs.
SPRINKLER START-UPS – Spring is a time for rebirth and bloom, which is what we offer your sprinklers. While we close down the system in the winter, we can start it up again to ensure the unit works the way it should.
WINTERIZING – Before winter comes in full swing, it is important to winterize your irrigation system. This means removing excess water from your pipes, which would otherwise freeze. This prevents your pipes from cracking or breaking. We can also shut down your system, to prevent leaks and save you money.
Your landscape requires proper nutrition, grooming and check-ups to ensure it’s continued healthy growth in the Marietta Georgia area.
No matter what size or shape of your landscape maintenance needs, you can place your confidence in our company that has the knowledge, experience and credentials to do the job right.

MOORE'S Lawn Care & Mowing has become one of the top landscaping companies in the Marietta Ga area and provides weekly lawn and landscape maintenance for customers in Cobb County, including these cities: Marietta, East Cobb, Windrush, Sandy Plains, Sandy Springs and other area's in Cobb County zip codes. 30060, 30062, 30066, 30067, 30068
We offer a variety of landscape maintenance programs. Since no two lawns are the same, it’s difficult to know what your lawn needs without seeing it in person.

This is why our team of professional landscape experts like to see your lawn, touch it, and get to know it before providing you with a custom, personalized maintenance plan to keep it in its best shape.
Our team will come to your home to assess your landscaping needs and create a plan for you. Our lawn care service is entirely customizable, and it can be changed as often as needed.
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