Lawn Sprinklers & Water Systems
Have lush and beautiful landscapes around your property while lowering your water usage by installing a well-designed lawn sprinkler system.

MOORE'S designs and installs custom sprinkler systems, and lawn irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties. From utilizing new “smart” irrigation controllers to drip irrigation, our systems will save you money while providing optimal growth.
Whether you live in a home with an established lawn or are starting your landscaping from scratch, we can promise you a pain-free process.

Our irrigation team uses a trenchless installation method that allows us to bury lines without tearing up your grass as much, and our experienced technicians can also address any drainage issues in your yard to ensure the water goes where it’s intended.
Irrigation System Maintenance
Although irrigation systems are mostly “automatic”, they still require periodic inspections and adjustments throughout the year.
SPRINKLER START-UPS – Spring is a time for rebirth and bloom, which is what we offer your sprinklers. While we close down the system in the winter, we can start it up again to ensure the unit works the way it should.
WINTERIZING – Before winter come in full swing, it is important to winterize your irrigation system. This means removing excess water from your pipes, which would otherwise freeze. This prevents your pipes from cracking or breaking. We can also shut down your system, to prevent leaks and save you money.
Installing Irrigation System
Sprinkler Installation Services
From simple plantings to entire landscape design services, we are a complete landscape service company that accommodates projects of any size.

Whether you’re looking to revitalize your current landscaping or totally renovate your yard, MOORE'S can handle all your landscape needs.
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